Message to club

Dear volunteer,

World Athletics are consulting on a proposal to allow males who identify as transgender to compete in women's athletics on condition that they reduce their testosterone levels below 2.5 nanomoles per litre for two years. This has been widely reported in the press ( ).

We believe it is important for UK Athletics and World Athletics to be informed of the views of the UK athletics community on this issue. Time is very limited; UK Athletics only have until the end of January to inform World Athletics of their view.

Therefore, as a group of runners, we are carrying out a very short survey (one question only) to find out what people who are active in grassroots athletics think. We are contacting you in your role as a volunteer for CLUB NAME. We understand that you won't have time to consult with your club, and that's fine - it's your personal opinion that we are looking for.

We undertake to treat your response confidentially. Our survey does not record your identity or your club.

This will take a few seconds of your time. We would be most grateful if you would complete the one-question survey as soon as possible, and no later than Friday 27 at noon when we will close the survey.

To complete the survey please visit this web page:


We are contacting a large number of clubs, so we would appreciate it if you did not reply to this message unless you really need to: it may not be feasible for us to answer queries. I hope you understand.

Many thanks,